A  book 🥳 celebrating
the 10th anniversary of,
and telling the story 
📚 behind WeTransfer.

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🧩 Identities
⌛️ 2019
🏄‍♂️  WeTransfer

💘 In 2019 the file sharing service WeTransfer celebrated it’s 10th birthday. Quite a milestone in the fast paced world that is called the tech-industry. As part of the in-house brand design team I worked on the book that told the story of these past 10 years. Celebrating the humble beginnings when the company was just a very simple way to send files across the world to it’s expansion into building tools to help ideas move more seemless across the world and celebrating creatives by supporting the arts through both their editorial platform WePresent as well as the wallpapers on their main website wetransfer.com.

WeTransfer has been on quite the journey over the past 10 years and because of this the core concept of the book was logically centred around transition. We expressed this in multiple ways. Both from an editorial and a visual perspective. The book starts out mainly black and whitee with a majority of texts on both the beginning and the end. In the heart of the book there’s an explosion of color showcasing the best of the collaborations WeTransfer has initiated over the past 10 years. From FKA Twigs, to Mr. Wash and back to music with Björk and the Gorillaz. The beginning of the book also tells the more formal beginnings where the texts in the back of the book speak more to WeTransfers support for art, activism and a better world in general. This division symbolisis the company’s growth over time.

We added a visual note to the concept of transition by collaborating with artist and coder Zach Lieberman. We where already working with Zach on a cool side project that you can check out here. But here we worked with Zach to create dividers between each of the sections that in color scheme go from blue-ish cold to vibrant rainbow like overflowing splashes of color that completely break the regular flow of the book. These sections are printed on partly transparant IBO paper to create a delicate relation between this more autonomous interpretation of the concept of transition instead of the more formal editorial one.

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🎟 Role Graphic Designer
🎳 Design Team Karen van der Kraats, Beau Bertens
🏄‍♂️ Client WeTransfer
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