Coming soon.

What is this?

A non-profit shop supporting institutions, projects, foundations or any kind of initiaives dealing with the current climate crises.

What will be sold?

Exactly what will change over time and as the project grows. But the main idea is to sell print products that tell small stories that make the world seem a bit less bleak.

Being inspired by positive narratives on how we can deal with our earth this space aims to be both a personal learning journey as well as a shop to, hopefully, spark a small bit of joy. 

What is the idea?

Being and feeling perpetually overwelmed by todays climate dissaster I, and I guess many others find themselves incapacitated and paralised to act. Be it from a feeling of insignificance or from sheer hopelessness.

Through educating myself and printing that content I aim for the project to function like digging for records. The joy of finding something new, unknown can help in providing ways forward and motivate us to act in the now. 

Design to make the world feel a bit less bleak︎
Amsterdam, The Netherlands